December: This our last meeting before Y2k began with a first class 10 minute tutorial on UML by ADUG member and La Trobe University associate lecturer Arniban Bhattacharya. Arnie did a great job of introducing a complex topic in a very short time – thanks Arnie. Our keynote presenter was ADUG member Andy Bulka who gave a very well prepared and well received demonstration of the Delphi OO design tool ModelMaker – thanks Andy. At the end of the meeting we held a draw for the door prizes. Winners were: Peter Evans – ModelMaker generously donated by the author; Fred Orford – Simply Objects for Delphi generously donated by Adaptive Arts; Paul Klink – $20 book voucher generously donated by Dymocks Greensborough. After the meeting about 20 people stayed back for a very convivial session of curries and drinks organised by Don Macrae and Peter Hinrichsen, thanks guys.

November: This meeting began with a 10 minute tutorial on “Using IInterface” by Don Macrae. Thanks Don. Our keynote presenter was Tony Alan of Fulcrum Consulting who gave an excellent presentation on XML. His very informative powerpoint slides han be found here. Many thanks Tony. After the meeting some people stayed back to see Glenn’s video of this year’s Borland Conference that happened the week before.

October: This meeting began with a 10 minute tutorial on Dynamic Arrays by Don Macrae. Thanks Don. Our keynote presenter was ADUG committee member and international author Peter Hinrichsen who gave a well received presentation based on his latest article for the Delphi Magazine. The topic was on “Using the Observer Design Pattern in Delphi” and generated much interest and discussion. Peter has promised to publish his slides here. Watch this space. Many thanks Peter.

September: This meeting began a 10 minute tutorial on Binary Search techniques by Paul Spain. Thanks Paul. Our keynote presenter was ADUG member Graeme Chandler who spoke on the topic of the Win32 API. Thanks Graeme A copy of his presentation can be found at his web site here. The GST was a hot topic in the Q&A session so I have compiled some relevant links here.

August: This meeting incorporated the ADUG AGM official minutes of which will be available from the ADUG Secretary. The following members of the D5 beta test team received a special thank you and were presented with T-shirts: Paul Gilbert, Jason King, Glenn Crouch, Peter Evans, Robert Zolkos, Roger Connell, Laurie Shipp, Henry Yong, Andrea Coffey. Borland generously donated some “door” prizes. Winners were: $2000 training voucher – Tony Rietwyk; D5 Pro – Colin Kemp; Team Source for D5 – Stewart Dobrzynski, BorCon tutorials – Peter Hinrichsen, Paul Klink, Paul Gilbert. After the break we were then treated to a first class presentation entitled “Client Server – Counting the Cost” by ADUG member and Inprise consultant Mark Richards in which Mark treated us to the benefit of his experience in moving from a desktop database environment to full-on client-server.

July: Timed to coincide with the world-wide announcement of Delphi 5 at the Borland Conference in Philadelphia, ADUG member and D5 beta tester Paul Gilbert presented a candid, thorough and very well received demonstration of Delphi 5. We were also treated to a very professional presentation on the Personal Software Process method by ADUG member Nick Argall.

June: Instead of a 10 minute tutorial and a main presentation, ADUG members were treated to two generous presentations by ADUG members Paul Spain and Tony Reitwyk. Paul spoke on the subject of Class References in Delphi, and Tony presented an example of using Class References to implement the Factory Method design pattern.

May: Our first meeting at our new home at the venerable Royal Society’s Hall in Melbourne. This month’s 10 Minute tutorial was by Ms Cher Page, who spoke on the subject of Exception Handling. The main presentation was by ADUG member Iris Radalescu. Iris presented a well received paper written by Peter Szymiczek and himself in the subject of BDE Networking.

April: This month’s main meeting began with a Special General Meeting at which proposals to re form the ADUG as an incorporated body were all unanimously carried. This was followed by announcements and our usual Q&A session. Andrea was unable to give the planned 10 minute tutorial on her bar code component but has promised material to be posted on the web, so watch this space. Steven Healey, member of the UK-BUG, who was currently visiting Melbourne, told us about his very successful Delphi Prefix Registry and his ComDesk product. The main speaker of the evening was ADUG member Andy Bulka who gave a well received presentation on using Delphi’s component-based streaming mechanisms, and in particular using the TreeView components as the basis for a hierarchical object persistent storage mechanism. Here are Andy’s excellent presentation notes as well as a demo project.

March: “10 Minute Tutorial” this month was by ADUG member Peter McNab of Aviation Data Systems on the topic of “Rebooting NT from within your application”. A “10 minute demo” of an RPN calculator application was given by ADUG member Jason King of AdvaTel. The main presentation was then given by ADUG president and covered issues relating to date-time conversion and Y2k compliance. Notes, source code and other material is being prepared. Watch this space, or tune into the mailing list.

February: Back in RMIT (although now on level 17) we were treated to a “10 Minute Tutorial” on writing OLE Automation Clients by ADUG member Brian Watson of Desktop EDA. Follow this link for his powerpoint slides. The main presentation was then given by ADUG member Graham Pitson on the topic of creating your own TDataset derivatives. Follow this link for notes and source code.

January: This month the meeting venue was temporarily moved to salubrious surroundings of the R&D Technology Park at La Trobe University. Following the tradition of past year’s it was a relaxed meeting focussing on round-table discussion. There were short presentations by Mark Brooks and Don Macrae, with pizzas and beer afterwards. Mark gave a very informative “10 minute tutorial” on the subject of Object Pascal Variants. Don presented a nifty report writing unit/component that he is working on.