December: ADUG member John McDonald gave a “10 minute tutorial” on “When to create your own components”. This was followed with a presentation by Graham Grieve on the topic “Trials and tribulations of C/S development: Server programs in Delphi”. For pictures and more information please follow this link.

November: ADUG member Don Macrae gave a “10 minute tutorial” on records and memory allocation. This had the desired effect of sparking an interesting discussion on the “evils” of pointers. This was followed with a presentation by Peter Collas of Collas Consulting on the topic of Form Inheritance. Peter has promised some material for us to post here, but in the meantime you read the informative introduction to his talk.

October: ADUG president Glenn Lawrence and ADUG member Peter Hinrichsen gave a report on the recent ICON ’98 Inprise Asia-Pacific conference that they recently attended. This was followed with a presentation by ADUG member Peter Evans of CocolSoft who demonstrated his new Cogencee parsing engine for Delphi.

September: Presentation: Matthew Boyce and Adam Satori of Soft Gen, distributors of Interbase, generously gave their time to demonstrate the latest version of Interbase and a number of third part support products.

August: Presentation: Glenn Stephens of Code Rage came down from Sydney to present DBOvernet, a simple third party Midas replacement for connecting a remote client to a server-based database over the net. Glenn generously presented a copy of DBOvernet which was won by Richard Czerwonka in WA. This month was also the ADUG AGM, minutes of which are available from the secretary. Inprise generously donated some “door” prizes which went to ADUG members as follows: Jason King (Vic) T-shirt, Glenn Crouch (WA) T-Shirt, Wally Ripper (Vic) J-Builder Pro.

July: Presentation: Andrew Rutherford and David Gorton principals of Classworks Australia came down from Newcastle to present a “technical preview” of their DCOM Development Infrastructure and Knowledge Manager products. Once again, two great Aussie products that deserve to succeed. Andrew has kindly placed a copy of their powerpoint slides on their web-site that can be reached through this link and the handout (in RTF format) can be accessed via this link.

June: Presentation: Derek Renouf, lead developer of Adaptive Arts came down from Sydney to present the Australian modelling and design tool Simply Objects. This looks like a great Aussie product for object modelling and reverse engineering. He also gave away a couple of free copies – thanks Derek!

May: Presentation: “Comparison of Intrabuilder and CGI-Expert” by Wally Ripper see Wally’s speaker notes.

April: Presentation: “Windows 95 Registry with Delphi” by Mark Brooks of AIMTec download Mark’s paper.

March: Presentation: “Controls Demystified” by Glenn Lawrence see Glenn’s paper.

February: Presentation: “Writing Server-side Web Applications in Delphi with CGI Expert” by Glenn Lawrence see Glenn’s paper.

January: Round table discussion on various subjects raised by the group.