Monday 21 September at 6 for 6:15pm start.

We met online, instead of meeting at the Shed.

Malcolm Groves from Code Partners showed his CodeBindings open source library open source library.

The repository is at

A recording of Malcolm’s presentation is available at

CodeBindings : Visual LiveBindings with a lot less of the Visual

“Visual Livebindings were introduced into Delphi and C++Builder nearly 10 years ago as a way for both VCL and FMX apps to bind data to visual controls. Since then, it’s been steadily improved, including a bunch of performance improvements in 10.4.

However, for all that time, they’ve focussed very much on the Visual part of the name. That’s fine for some situations, but it has bothered me over the years that there’s no easy way to see all of the details of a Form’s bindings in a single place, without endlessly clicking through the Livebindings Designer and the Object Inspector. You can create them in code, sure, but the object model makes it very unreadable and time consuming.

After grumbling about this for years, I finally decided to do something more useful about it. Enter CodeBindings: a simple, open source library that provides an easy, readable way to create standard Livebindings in code.

In this session, we looked at:

– a quick recap of how Livebindings work
– a look at how you are meant to create them in code
– a look at how to use CodeBindings
– a deeper dive into how it works, especially how it integrates into the standard bindings to make them easy to setup, but then disappears after startup to add no additional performance overhead.

Even if you don’t use LiveBindings, hopefully the last topic will have some techniques you can steal for other uses”.

We started with a brief “Public Soap Box” where attendees asked questions, shared discoveries and talked about code.

Venue: The comfort of your own home.