Monday 20th October at 6 for 6:15pm start

Using Amazon DynamoDB with Delphi – Adam Johnston (Novuslogic)

In April 2013  Adam talked about accessing the .NET framework from Delphi using the open source JVCL library.

Adam is now making use of Amazon Web Services and the Dynamo DB it offers. He explained  how he uses Delphi to access this database.

Amazon’s DynamoDB is a high speed, low latency, hosted data store, designed to store (relatively) small amounts of data.  DynamoDB is a “No SQL” database that is provided as indexed BLOBs held on high speed Solid State Drives (SSD’s).  Adam presented how to interface with Dynamo DB V2 using his ‘Delphi Amazon SDK’ currently under development that he hopes to release as an open source library.


Adam is making his sample code available via

Door Prize

As an added incentive to attend  we had a backup Power pack for your phone as a door prize from Arena Business Technology. The lucky winner was a first time attendee in Melbourne Zuscak Tomislav