October 2012

How to make Data Entry Operators happy! – Noel Lodge

It seems Noel has always looked for ways to use automation to improve life. Noting that data entry can be pretty boring and quite repetitive he talks about simple ways applications can help improve things and in the process increase productivity.

Noel demonstrated a number of the techniques he uses in his Open Office based application, some of which are quite basic and others more complex. All of them have the effect of making the operator happier and more productive and are directly applicable to data entry applications developed in Delphi.

The demonstration of the techniques in the application provided a better insight but the slides Noel used give many hints so they are published here

Remote Debugger – Richard King, Andrea Coffey

We had planned for Brian Watson to give a demonstration of debugging a 64 bit application from a 32 bit VM on the same machine followed by a physical machine to machine demo.

Brian had an unfortunate altercation with a Stanley knife and so we tried for a demo from a PC to Andrea’s Apple. While logistics defeated this attempt it did demonstrate some of the issues likely to be encountered when setting up remote debugging between physical machines especially when one is a MAC.

We will program this topic again early in 2013