October 2010

Windows Clusters – Grahame Grieve

A Windows cluster is a group of several windows server computers, with one only being active at a time, but being presented to the client network with one virtual identity. The point of it is failover – if the active one fails the cluster facilitiates the transfer of load to another computer in the cluster, iwith clients continuing to see service from the same virtual box. Grahame has implemented this feature using Windows Server 2008. His presentation and sample code are here. Arcane, but right on the money if you are in the market for high availability, especially in an unattended facility.

Delphi Demos – Richard King

Richard launched our new project. Embarcadero has put all of the Demo projects from all versions of Delphi up on Source Forge. Our project will involve interested members selecting a demo to explore, with a view to learning the topic and optionally improving the code.