We met at the Shed (for the second time since…) with an online Zoom Session.

At this meeting Graeme Keast gave a short remote presentation  on the utility he has written to manage database metadata. Seems quite useful, Contact Graeme if you would like further information. The remote presentation worked quite well.

Roger Plant gave a very short presentation on Depeche View, which he finds very handy for find stuff in Delphi Projects, with a search showing all the matches, and then being able to view chosen matches in place.

Graeme Grieve gave (with zero notice) a presentation on a Notepad++ extension he has. (Mostly for his own use). This functionality he has added looked very handy, I really need to look at NP++ again at some stage. 

We briefly discussed the “New” Planning meeting concept, where the June meeting will be a planning meeting.  We are trying to get more of the members involved in the planning, hopefully with them offering to do a presentation (long or short), or perhaps (gently) pushing someone they know (member or not) into presenting for us. There seems to be lots of people who have/know interesting stuff, so if we can get some of that.

Thank you Graeme, Graeme