Monday 18th May at 6 for 6:15pm start.

An Introduction to FreePascal & Lazarus – Peter Hinrichsen – Club Engineer and Richard King – Creative Analytics

FreePascal and Lazarus are ready for the mainstream.  Together, they provide more than Delphi 7, but less than the latest versions of Delphi XE.

If all you need is a solid IDE, a robust implementation of the Pascal language, and a $0.00 price tag, then Lazarus & FreePascal might be for you.

You get the source to everything and can cross compile to many combinations of operating system and processor. The form designer is beautiful and the component pallet rich and extendable. The IDE runs on Windows, Mac & Linux.

Documentation and support are as you would expect from an open source project – highly varied with detailed step-by-step tutorials for some tasks, and nothing for others.

Richard and I are by no means power users of the tool set, but we will do our best to share how impressed we are with the product, and to show what we have learnt. Richard has been experimenting with a couple of personal projects, while Peter has been using FPC as a tool to teach secondary school students some coding techniques.

Hope you can make it on Monday.

Peter & Richard.

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