Monday 15 March.

We met online, instead of meeting at the Shed..

At this meeting, Grahame Grieve from Health Intersections shared his experiences converting from a FMX application to an LCL application that runs on Windows, Linux and OSX using Lazarus and discussed which bits have worked well, and which haven’t.
The application is open source, so if you want to look at the code yourself,

A recording of Grahame’s presentation is available at:

Links mentioned in chat:
There was some discussion of security before the presentation, with the following sites being mentioned:

mORMot repository is at:

Grahame’s Lazarus IDE tester:

A couple of videos from CppCon (C++ conference) about GDB – Gnu Debugger: Greg Law ” Give me 15 minutes & I’ll change your view of GDB” Greg Law “GDB – A Lot More Than You Knew”

Grahame’s pull request to IndySocket to allow use of recent OpenSSL in Indy.

A 2016 article about the Dutch government’s support for OpenSSL and opposition to backdoors in encryption products:

Meeting venue: The comfort of our own homes.