Monday 20th March.

Grahame Grieve from Health Intersections spoke on “Lessons learned maintaining an open source restful server in Delphi”.

He spoke about his work developing the FHIR standards, and the FHIR reference server.
FHIR is used for exchanging Electronic health records and is based on the HL7 standards.
FHIR is an open standard and the reference server is open source. This has allowed smaller players to enter the market.
Grahame discussed the pros and cons of using Delphi for a large open source project like this.
The system uses ODBC Express, MSXML, Indy Soap, Markdown Processor, FMM, Jedi Code Lib, and DUnitX with TestInsight.
It uses manual reference counting to prevent memory leaks.
It is built using Delphi Pro and FinalBuilder, and uses InnoSetup installers
Grahame has also created a Notepad++ plugin to make a FHIR IDE.

The meeting was held at the Melbourne Men’s Shed, situated in the Federation Square Car Park off the Russell St Extension.