Melbourne Meeting – June 2021

Monday 21 June.

This meeting was (surprisingly given recent lockdown) at Melbourne Men’s Shed, Also on Zoom.

We tried our “New” planning meeting concept. Where our Delves put forward things they would like to present on. There were some volunteers, and some were volunteered, who then rose to the challenge.
Thank you all.

It looks like we have a rough schedule out to September, perhaps a bit

  • Some of the topics mentioned included
  • Compiler Explorer
  • Functional Programming
  • Getting your App onto Google App Store
  • Pascal into javascript into App on phone
  • Peoples Side Projects

At this stage: Next month, Sue (& Geoffery) will be giving a presentation on ADug’s New Forum/Mailing list (which might/should be live), while Loc will be giving a short(ish) presentation on a control he made for browsing directories on Android/Firemonkey.

I gave a short presentation on Mikrotik routers, the PDF of which is available at MikrotikPresentation-ADUG-June2021.pdf

We started the meeting with a brief “Public Soap Box”