Monday 15 June.

We met online, instead of meeting at the Shed.

Anil Krishnan from Aerion Technologies presented on Database Performance Tuning.

We looked into the index internals (Not a deep dive). Index is one of the most important things that one should look into for Performance Tuning of their SQL Server DBs (or any database – we will look at SQL Server here). And its not just about creating them, one needs to take into account a lot of factors before designing an effective index.
This session provided some insights to help us to implement better indexes.

Anil is Senior Developer and Project Manager at Aerion Technologies.
Over 10yrs of experience in various roles : QA Engineer, Database Administration and Software Development. Currently, working on the latest stack of both front end and backend technologies which includes C# .NET, React, React Native, Angular, GraphQL, etc. Always keen to learn new technologies and love to hike into the wild and enjoy travelling. Very keen to share knowledge among others.

Then Brian Watson from Desktop EDA presented on Making a program go faster with OmniThread Library.

His presentation was an account of the knowledge gained in the process of using parallel programming to speed up a time consuming process in a 3D CAD product. The open source parallel programming library OmniThread was used for this.

We started with a brief “Public Soap Box” where attendees asked questions, shared discoveries and talked about code. This included a discussion about the Assign method, and a debate about the merits of records.

Venue: The comfort of your own home.