Monday 19th June.

Glen Kleidon gave a presentation on Delphi Project Bundling.

Initially delivered at the ADUG Symposium this year, Glen’s encore presentation of project bundling provided demonstrations and more in depth discussions of his methodology for creating a ‘Project Bundle’ in Delphi.

Glen’s method of ‘Project Bundling’ creates a repository of all source and unit files and any dependent components for a project, which is then easily installed to another workstation. This was his original goal for this work.

Glen’s Project Bundling method also provides more flexible project installations and use. For example the same project and components installed in different versions of Delphi, open on a single workstation and even different versions of the one project and components in the same version of Delphi, again on a single workstation!

Information on, and code for Glen’s project bundling techniques is at

The meeting was held at the Melbourne Men’s Shed,
situated in the Federation Square Car Park building, off Russell St Extension.