June 2009

The Latest News from Embarcadero – Malcolm Groves

Malcolm has been involved in Delphi and ADUG forever and he is always prepared to give it to us straight. In his joint marketing and technical roles at Embarcadero he really is a man on the inside. The main message members took from the meeting is that Delphi is a main stream product within Embarcabero and now has access to much more resources than in recent years. The future indeed looks a lot brighter.

Malcolm was able to tell us about the cross-platform abilities of native Delphi features present in the new Beta and demonstrate the “Fish” database with touch/gesturing.

He was also able to give us an insight into the future in broad terms. 64 bit is coming but still a way off and Indy will be considered differently in future releases but it is essentially a third party product and this restricts what can be done.