July 2013

SQLite – Lance Collins

Lance has used Delphi since Delphi 2 to maintain and analyse share market data. He’s moved from storing data in typed and INI files to using a database. His decision to use SQLite – open source, thus free – was not the result of a study of all available options but it’s working out OK. Outline of talk (11kB) Source code (16kB)

A different clock – Robert Pallot

Robert showed off what can be done with FireMonkey by demoing his clock – five intermeshed gears rotate, three showing the hours, minutes and seconds. The gear shapes were created using Inkscape, an open-source vector graphics editor. Inkscape’s output is then pasted into a FireMoney TPath component’s Data property, generating the shape. To make the clock function all that’s required is to change each gear’s rotation angle by the appropriate amount on each timer tick. Source code and compiled exe (2.4MB)