January 2006

Detecting Memory Leaks via DUnit Extensions – Peter McNab

Peter demonstrated proposed changes to DUnit which automatically and swiftly identifies unit tests which leak memory or fail to call Checkxxx(). In the past leak testing was a very manual process involving running Memproof or Codewatch type tools. Occasional application leak testing may never encounter the conditions which give rise to troublesome leaks in deployed code. Tests that don’t call check give a false sense of security, particularly ones where the call(s) to Checkxxx() are controlled by if statements that fail to fire.

The DUnit modification code is available via http://members.optusnet.com.au/mcnabp

Multithreadding Delphi Applications -Roger Connell – INNOVA Solutions

Delphi makes multi threaded applications relatively easy. Roger discussed when you should consider adding multithreading to your application and went through some simple thread models. PowerPoint and code samples are available at http://www.innovasolutions.com.au/delphistuf/ADUGJanuary2006.htm