Monday 15 February.

We met online, instead of meeting at the Shed.

At this meeting, Roger Plant discussed REST and gave us details of creating a REST Client in Delphi.

Roger started with a brief description of REST and Web Services and discussed why JSON.

He discussed REST Clients in Delphi, using Indy and TRestClient, then JSON Processing Libraries, TJSonObject and SuperObject.

He demonstrated a simple unauthenticated REST Client, then gave a brief outline of Authentication/Authorization using OAuth. We looked at one of the OAuth Flows on the OAuth Playground.

We then looked at a simple GMail OAuth/REST sending program demo.
There was some discussion of Server Side, some alternate REST Service Providers, and Swagger.

A recording of Roger’s presentation is available at:

Roger’s slides may be downloaded here: Roger-Plant-RestInDelphi.pptx
The source of his demo project may be downloaded here:

You will need ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll to run the demo project.
There are notes on downloading and installing these dlls at

Geoffrey Smith mentioned his open source demo at – which shows how to authenticate with OAUTH2 and send an email message for gmail.

We started the meeting with a brief “Public Soap Box” where we talk about code, technology and the meaning of life..