February 2013

HexEdit and HexEdit Pro – John McDonald

John gave a short presentation of HexEdit (free) and HexEdit Pro (US$50). Both do far more than the names suggest. Among the features demonstrated were the colour coding of file contents depending on byte values, making it easy to pick out text within a binary file, and the template option used to unpick file contents.

Constant Builder – Jason Tolley – ROK Technology

Jason has developed his own utility called ‘Constant Builder’, a tool that aids in the creation of records of constants and arrays of records of constants. These values have become more and more complex and he uses dynamic arrays of record constants and sometimes dynamic arrays of dynamic arrays of record constants. The task to create and manage these can be tedious. Hence ‘Constant Builder’. The resulting constant declarations can then be compiled into the application instead of using additional data files for configurations, resulting in a single EXE in many instances.

Delphi Remote Debugging – Richard King

Richard demonstrated debugging a 64-bit application running on a 64-bit computer from a 32-bit computer. To do this you need PAServer running on the remote machine and need to set up a remote profile.