Melbourne Meeting – February 2012

February 2012

Chinese Characters and Delphi – Alan Tan

Alan Tan is one of those who was hanging out for the introduction of Unicode into Delphi. His software makes use of Chinese Characters and he agreed to give us an insight into his world. He covered:

  1. Introduction to Chinese Characters
  2. Introduction to Unicode
  3. Chinese Characters in Unicode
  4. Unicode in Delphi
  5. The User Interface for Chinese Characters
  6. How to Sort Chinese Characters
  7. What is Pinyin?
  8. What is stroke count?
  9. Software requirements to make use of the Chinese Characters in latest Unicode ver 6.00
  10. Chinese Characters and Delphi
  11. Demonstration of Chinese Character in a Delphi Program
  12. A look at the source of the demonstration program.
  13. Alan provided many useful references on the subject.