February 2009

Indy and Unicode: Open source FAIL? – Grahame Grieve (Kestral Computing)

The introduction of Unicode into Delphi 2009 was a major challenge for third party developers. Indy is such a product. It is also an Open Source Development yet it is delivered shrink wrapped with Delphi. Grahame was a major contributor to the Soap extensions to Indy and remains connected to (part of) the Indy Pit Crew. Graham gave us an insiders view on the issues presented to Indy by D2009 and how we can best contribute to resolving problems we discover.

Software Rules and Myths – Phil Sheppard

Good coding practice abounds with “rules” but when did these rules originate and on what justification? Do they apply to the modern development environment? In November 2008 and January 2009 we went quickly though many of the “Rules” submitted by various members. In February we finally completed the original list by reviewing Phil Sheppard’s contribution.

Contain Rather Than Inherit
Declare an Item Class and a List Class
A Manager Class Contains all Top Level Lists.
Separate DB Control from Business Classes