February 2006

Introduction to open source components for Delphi Part 1- Richard King

Richard explained that he has been reviewing open source components available for Delphi. He presented some of his findings then discussion centered on how to best harness the collective knowledge of ADUG members. Other sessions will offer you the opportunity to talk about your favorite open source component.

Evolving Delphi Applications – Tony Rietwyk

Years ago Tony wrote a Delphi 2 application which displays Midi music files. To become more familiar in designing with interfaces, Tony:

Rewrote as D7 objects using inheritance
Rewrote as D7 using interfaces
Brought it to D2006 Win32
Changed to D2006 .Net
Tony discussed:

The different mind-set required for modeling based on inheritance compared with interfaces.
The ease of bringing code up to the different versions.
The zip file containing the viewer exe and Delphi units is available at “www.adug.org.au/meetings/melb/downloads/Feb20060220.zip’