Monday 21 December.

We met online, instead of meeting at the Shed.

Geoffrey Smith shared his experiences of designing and building small hardware devices.

Geoffrey demonstrated the process of making a surface mount PCB, including designing the circuit (nothing too advanced), designing the PCB and getting the design manufactured.

He used EasyEDA to design the board, and to create and assemble the board, and gave a couple of alternatives. He also gave us some tips to keep the cost of the board down.

He showed an example raspberry pi power supply design he has had manufactured and a new version that he will get made soon.
Finally he showed us some source code for his power supply project and some other code that could be used in other raspberry pi projects.

A recording of Geoffrey’s presentation is available at:

His power point slides can be downloaded here: Making Surface Mount PCBs.pptx

Designing PCB:
EasyEDA –

Board Manufacturers:
PCB Way –

Various electronics related Youtube channels:
Phil’s Lab
Stephen Hawes – Building his own Pick and Place machine
Robert Feranec
Andreas Spiess
How To Mechatronics
DIY Perks

Other links:

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Raspberry Pi Python Projects
Circuit Python –

We started the meeting with a brief “Public Soap Box” where we talk about code, technology and the meaning of life.