December 2008

Embarcadero Technologies – Peter Joint

For many of us Borland has been the name synonymous with Turbo Pascal, Delphi and great programming tools, but the world has changed. While the products and personnel we are used to dealing with are still there in CodeGear the corporate ownership now resides with Embarcadero Technologies.

“First contact” has been made and the Embarcadero guys are friendly, informative, and technical. They gave us some idea of where they started, where they have been and why they see the CodeGear products and Delphi in particular making a contribution to where they hope to go. They did not try to sell us their non CodeGear product range but there was considerable interest from many of our members who clearly understood the potential opportunities in using them

Here are contact details, and we’ve been assured that feedback is welcome.

Please make the Embarcadero guys feel welcome in our community.