Monday 21st August.

Jason Tolley from ROK Technology gave two presentations; one on his MetricsLog product, and the other on Delphi frames.

MetricsLog is a runtime based metrics and logging product similar to Embarcadero’s AppAnalytics. The big difference is that the focus is on the mechanism to capture the information, not sales of web services and hosting – although that is also part of a value added offering. The number of systems monitored is up to you and your storage / hosting that you put in place.

The intention is to produce a low latency metrics and logging capture component that allows the developer to send the data to local storage, SQL database, FTP, web services and SFTP. Whatever you like.

Once you have the structured data, you can analyse in whatever tool you like and I will be producing value added products for this also with graphs and graphics.

Then Jason showed how to use frames to create groups of visual components. These frames can be added to the tool pallet. Multiple instances of the same frame can be used on the same form, or within the same application.

The meeting was held at the Melbourne Men’s Shed,
situated in the Federation Square Car Park building, off Russell St Extension.