August 2006

The New Ribbon Menu – Phil Sheppard, Richard King and Jim Duff

Phil, Richard and Jim have been individually examining the new “Ribbon Menu” which we will be exposed to with the next release of Office. Using the TMS components they have all progressed to the point where they were able to show us their efforts. The consensus seems to be that Ribbon Menus will require much more thought in the planning stage. Richard has provided the sample ribbon application at

Navigating the Harbour – Colin Kemp (Kemputer)

Some time ago Colin posted to our list questions about tracking boats traveling around Sydney. The list did not provide the solution but did help in finding it. Colin explained the method he used, discussed some of the issues and showed a demonstration of the solution.

The actual project deals with 209 distinct locations around Sydney Harbour and every location needs a path to every other location (outward and return). The final application can retrieve and draw any path in under one second on a 2GHz PC. For the demonstration we were traveling around the New Hebrides . The zip file containing the slides and Delphi demo code is available at