Monday 20th April

The night featured two presenters on two very interesting topics, evidenced by a larger than normal attendance.

FastMM – Peter Postmus

The first to present was Peter Postmus on FastMM4.
FastMM4 is an open source, free memory manager that has been thedefault memory manager in Delphi since 2006.
FastMM is used to detect memory leaks in an application and to reuse freed memory where possible.  The default FastMM included with Delphi is helpful and presents a dialog listing memory leaks however the real benefits to using FastMM4 come when the default version of FastMM is upgraded to the debug version obtained from the FastMM project web site.  Peter demonstrated that when using the debug version memory leaks are not only detected but the unit filename and line number of where the offending object (or memory) was created through extended logging support.
Tip: Load the FastMM4 log file in the Delphi IDE and each execution
you will be prompted to reload it automatically.
Demo Source

FireUI on Android – Robert Pallot – Frontier Software

Robert Pallot presented his ?not so serious? project the ?Dark-O-Meter? as an example of developing an Android application using Delphi XE7 and FireUI.  Robert discussed the design of the user interface, interfacing to the phones camera using the TCamera component and accessing extended Android features using the Java Bridge methodology.
Demo Source
Robert has finally got the Dark-O-Meter onto the Play Store.

Door Prize – ABT

Arena Business Technology Pty Ltd, long time supporter and member of ADUG, are suppliers of hardware and software to Australian Developers.  Arena Business Technology proudly to donated this month’s lucky door prize – a TP-LINK Dual USB Powerbank valued at $49.95 – for the Melbourne ADUG monthly meeting.
The lucky winner was Adam Johnston.