October 2005

Compact Framework – Malcolm Groves

Malcolm Groves from Borland gave an overview of Compact Framework. He provided us with a list of links.

* Delphi CF Preview :

* Delphi CF Quickstart Guide :

This is a good guide to getting it all setup on your machine. Also has
links to download emulators, rom images, etc

* Chewy’s Pre-processor :

This is 100% required if you don’t want to end up with a hairline like mine. Tthe issue I mentioned that stopped this working for me is
now resolved. You may need to download again.

*OpenNetCF : http://www.opennetcf.org

Open source libraries to give you access to a lot of stuff CF doesn’t

* Delphi CF Quickstart Guide Part II :

A follow on to the Quickstart above, by a different author. Drills more
into what’s missing/different between desktop .NET and CF .NET

* MS CF Quickstart Tutorials :


And from another generous ADUGger, Jeremy N,

Further to this you may also want to look at…

Video showing integration working. Note these are a little old now and
things have changed (for the better).


This has been reorganised in the gallery but the items are the same.


Support for Chee Wee’s auto fix dll is included plus there is a Class Helper
library included which basically means you don’t even need Chee Wee’s auto
fix for most projects although I still recommend using auto fix and the class helper library.