Wednesday May 3rd at 5:30pm to 9pm.

Tomorrow’s Brisbane ADUG meeting doesn’t have a formal presenter, instead it’s
going to be something of an open mic night.

It would be great (but not mandatory) if those who attend would be willing
to talk for 5-10 minutes to walk us through a “useful unit” they’ve written.

* Your unit/class doesn’t have to be rocket science, just useful.
* It actually can’t be too complicated as you’ll get a maximum of 10
minutes to explain it.
* Polished presentation is not required, just give us the gist of how it
* There’s no obligation to give your code away to other attendees.
* If you don’t have a laptop to present with you can borrow mine,
bring your code on a USB stick if you want to show it
* You could just talk about your class/unit if you don’t want to show any

I’ll find something among my own units to start it off.

So bring along your code and applications and get some great ideas for
useful units from other people.

Details about the venue etc are here.

The venue and time is the same as before; Indooroopilly library, community
meeting room, 5.30pm (bring your own food or look for others at the Grill’d shop next to the cinema), 6pm (meeting start proper) to 9pm.

NOTE! The Indooroopilly library closes its doors at 6pm. After 6pm, entry is only possible via the door from the parking lot behind the library. You will see a couple of book return chutes just to the left of the door. Bang on the door if locked. If you have trouble finding us, call the meeting organizer on 0401 923 119.