Monday 22 May 2006

Creating Web 2.0 Applications in Delphi6-BDS2006 – Ralf Wenske (SPR&M Ltd)

Buzzwords recently seen frequently in the media are Web 2.0 and Ajax . Ina technical sense these buzzwords relate to the exchange of data packets between a browser document and the server.

Some Delphians have in the past responded to that buzzword phenomenon in a manner like:

‘So what- this technology has been around for years – what is all the fuzz about?’

Ralf thinks the ‘fuzz’ is about the user experience – and that is exciting. However it seems that active web pages are mostly driven by PHP/Python/Java or Microsoft technologies like ASP or ASP.Net. If XMLHTTP (the underlying protocol) is an “old hat”, where then are all these cool Delphi driven web applications?

Tonight’s topic covers some of the areas in which in Ralf’s experience- Delphi is also superior to alternative technologies for developing Web 2.0applications. All demos will be in Delphi 7 and it will be shown that they are:

– Snappy
– Secure
– Accessible from most browsers (JavaScript)
– Effortless deployment (compile – run – access via Web)
– Simpleserver setup (no IIS required)

Ralf will demonstrate the entire development cycle for a Web 2.0application and welcomes any questions or feedback during and after his presentation.

Those attendants who are interested will be given web access to Ralf’s test application so everyone can assess the user experience for themselves and can follow the application’s progress towards beta and release.

Ralf’s web-site:

The goal of Ralf’s project is to enable you to apply your Delphi(Win32) developer skills towards development of secure and snappy Web 2.0 applications.