Monday 25 June 2007

A PHP discussion

With Delphi for PHP out I decided to visit our local PHP User group. They have offered to “borrow” us one of their people to give us an introductory presentation (later in the year) on PHP if we are interested. So in the first part of our meeting I will report on my visit and test our interest in PHP.

An Object Oriented Analysis and Design discussion

Grady Booch and some of his amigos have recently released a new version of their book on OOAD. Note that these are the people who brought us much of OO and UML. I will do a quick presentation with an overview of what Booch and amigos are trying to tell us about how we should create software. And then I would like to have a discussion about how this ties in with how we go about creating software in the real world. E.g. to what what extent do we agree or disagree; do we actually get to follow any of these principles even if we do agrree?

I also want to use this discussion to test our interest in more presentations on OO and Design Pattern related issues.

Lucky Door Prize from Arena Business Technology

Once again Arena Business Technology Pty Ltd is kindly donating a lucky door prize. For this June Brisbane ADUG meeting it is a Belkin Surge Protector valued at $69.95. We encourage everybody to have a look at Arena’s web site and at the brochures we will make available during the meeting because Arena is not only a regular sponsor of our meetings and symposia, they also give a decent discount to ADUG members.