Tuesday 08 June 2004

Understanding OO Development – Anthony Richardson

One of the common problems with getting started using Object Orientated development is that few books truly teach you how to develop OO applications. Although many books teach you the semantics of OO languages (inheritance, polymorphism, etc..) they fail to teach you how to use the OO language effectively as part of the complete development process.

Anthony will introduce OO in a way the foster an understanding of OO at a core level and teach techniques to using OO so that your next OO project will be a success. The presentation will begin by examining the case of OO and what are the core factors that drove the development of the OO languages. A comparison will then be made to the development processes generally employed by traditional development and contrast that to the methods employed build OO architectures.

This presentation is the first of several that will cover using OO in a holistic approach to the development of business applications with Delphi.