Tuesday 26 July 2005

Review Time

The ADUG Adelaide chapter has been going now for nearly 2 years with steady attendance at all our meetings and functions. Recently meetings have been a bit sporadic due to commitments of the local chapter organisers. To that end we have asked a few more people to join the sub-committee to help us keep things going. So now that has happened we think it would be a good time to have a round table forum to introduce the new committee members, discuss ideas and suggestions for presentation topics, possible events and meeting formats. So come along and contribute so we can make the Adelaide ADUG even better.

.NET Compact Framework – Jon Roder

Jon Roder will be relating his early experience with .Net compact framework and the new Delphi preview compiler, and anyone else who would like to contribute a quick 10 minute presentoid or technical question/example would be welcome to break up the discussion time.