Monday 23 February 2004

Singleton Pattern – Anthony Richardson

Introduction to Design Patterns, what they are, there purpose and where to use them. Review of the Singleton pattern and discuss to different implementations of the Singelton pattern in Delphi.

Presentation 2: Managing Images and Image Lists – Daniel Carr

Managing the many images used by an application can be difficult, especially when the same image is used in many locations. We have all experienced the pain of changing the order of images in an imagelist and having to reallocate the image numbers throughout our menus, toolbars and treeviews.

Daniel will present a method used at his employers to provide a way fo registering images and there association to treeview icons. This system ensures both the imagelist and treeview are completely independant of the image index. This methods also allows for the images to be dynamically loaded from disk, without the need to assign an images to the image list during development.