Mailing Lists Overview

We have two email lists that you may subscribe to.


The ADUG mailing list is a forum for all members to share information, and is the medium by which upcoming events and matters of general interest are notified to all ADUG members.

If you become an ADUG member you will be invited to subscribe to this list (or our info list below) when you join the group. We would prefer that you stayed in the loop, but membership of the list is optional and you are welcome to remove yourself at any time by following the instructions below.

The mailing list is open to all, but ADUG would appreciate your support by becoming a financial ADUG member if you find the list useful. We also encourage all who obtain benefit from the list to ‘give back’ to the community by constructively responding to posts.

Subscribing to the list does not automatically make you an ADUG member.

Please review the Members List Features and be sure to read and adhere to the List Policy and Etiquette before posting messages.

You can subscribe to the adug-members list now:

Your email address:

Click here to unsubscribe from the list, or to update your email address.

If you are an ADUG member, please be aware that you will need to update the members database independently so we can email you with notices from time to time, and also allows other members to contact you.

Be sure to turn off any automatic signatures generated by your mailer, or alternatively follow these commands with:
on a line by itself.

When you e-mail the list address your message will be forwarded to all other subscribed members. The list server will automatically prefix the subject line with “ADUG” so that recipients can easily tell which messages are from the list.


This is a low-volume announcement style list for people that only want to receive notices of monthly meeetings, special events and administration issues (such announcements will also be posted to the members list, so there is no need to be on both lists). This is a moderated list – all postings are submitted to the List Master for approval, so there will be a delay before posts appear.

You may subscribe to the adug-info list now:

Your email address:

A confirmation email will be sent to the supplied address. You must reply to that email in order to join the list. Subsequently, you will receive a welcome email with administration details for the list.


The ADUG and its officers accept no responsibility for information or other material that is posted on these lists.

Users of these lists must be accept that content of each message is solely the responsibility of the poster of the message, and the use of the content is solely the responsibility of the recipient.

The ADUG and its officers can accept no liability for consequential damages that may arise due to use of information or attachments that are posted to these lists, or for misuse of the lists.

If you do not accept these conditions please unsubscribe from the list, or request to be unsubscribed by contacting