ADUG started with two email lists that you could subscribe to.

These are no longer active having being superseded by the introduction of the ADUG Forum in 2021.

This pages remains to pick up any hanging links that remain.


The ADUG Forum is a forum for all members to share information, and is the medium by which upcoming events and matters of general interest are notified to all ADUG members.

If you become an ADUG member you will be invited to subscribe to this forum when you join the group. We would prefer that you stayed in the loop, but membership of the list is optional and you are welcome to remove yourself at any time by following the instructions on that site.

The forum is open to all, but ADUG would appreciate your support by becoming a financial ADUG member if you find the it useful. We also encourage all who obtain benefit from the list to ‘give back’ to the community by constructively responding to posts.

Subscribing to the list does not automatically make you an ADUG member.

If you are an ADUG member, please be aware that you will need to update the members database independently so we can email you with notices from time to time, and also allows other members to contact you.