ADUG member and presumed chronic procrastinator Shane van de Vorstenbosch has taken his role as ADUG list comedian to a whole new level.

Earlier this month Shane mildly amused ADUG mailing list subscribers with his “Summer of XE9” replacement lyrics for Brian Adams “Summer of ’69”. Mercifully all who read those lyrics did so while silently singing to themselves and no ear-drums, copyrights or senses of good taste were shattered.

Some people you really have to be careful what you say around them, so when fellow ADUG member Shaun replied with the comment

I’m expecting a YouTube video by the end of next week. Or a live performance at the Embarcadero workshop in Sydney?

well I guess we should be thankful that we’ve only ended up with a YouTube video.

At least I hope that’s all we’ve ended up with 😉