New Website

Anyone familiar with ADUG will immediately notice that we now have a brand new web site!

A bold attempt has been made to migrate as much of the existing content across, particularly in regard to past meetings. Key things to note:

  • Categories on the right can be used to access past meetings by state
  • The Tag cloud can help access past meetings by presentation topic
  • The Archive lists meetings by month, with early archives grouped by year (eg. December 2003)
  • Much of the download material for past presentations has not been added, so references like “Joe’s PPT slides can be found here” will leave you wondering where to click. More recent material may be added over time, but for older resources, your best option is to post a message to the ADUG Members list as others may be able to offer a more up-to-date solution. You can also see if it is still available via the old site (see below).
  • Symposium information has been added for 2014 and 2013. Prior years will be added in due course.
  • The Member Services area, used for registration renewals and event paymemts, is via a new “ADUGWPServices” portal. This will open in a new window/tab to allow navigation independent from the main site.

For the time being, the old site will be accessible from so you can obtain past meeting downloads and other information if it’s not otherwise available.