After years of building our community using a mailing list, ADUG launched a forum in July for the conversations to continue and grow.

The response has been fantastic. Previous list users are finding this an easier and more rewarding experience than the mailing list. New users are joining us.

Naturally as a modern forum, it supports post formatting, special formatting for code snips, images, links, good category and topic management and many more features. The forum runs in a browser and can be used on mobile devices for those on the go. There are apps that can be downloaded so you can go straight to the forum without navigating the browser on your device.

If you love Delphi and want to join in, please do.

You donā€™t have to be an ADUG member to use the forum. Although if you are a member, you can search mailing list posts going back over 20 years.

Go to now to have a look. You can read posts without signing in. Why not join us to ask questions and contribute answers?