December: Meet Andrew Munro. Andrew, the new head of Borland Australia, gave us an update on Borland Oz.
Automated Unit Testing. Peter Hinrichsen gave a brief introductory presentation on the value of DUnit. Tim Knipe gave a rundown on his use of DUnit and other tools and techniques to test his Shell Control Pack version 2.… Continue reading ›


This month we looked into ActiveForms: the bugs, the downsides, and the advantages to be gained when you can work around them. In addition, we looked at communicating from your ActiveForm to the Browser, from the Browser to the ActiveForm, between two ActiveForms, and using ActiveForms in containers other than Browsers, such as Outlook.… Continue reading ›

December: This our last meeting before Y2k began with a first class 10 minute tutorial on UML by ADUG member and La Trobe University associate lecturer Arniban Bhattacharya. Arnie did a great job of introducing a complex topic in a very short time – thanks Arnie.… Continue reading ›