Canberra Meeting – October 2005

October 2005

Compact Framework – Malcolm Groves

Malcolm Groves from Borland gave an overview of Compact Framework. He provided us with a list of links.

* Delphi CF Preview :,1410,33271,00.html
* Delphi CF Quickstart Guide :,1410,33066,00.html
This is a good guide to getting it all setup on your machine.… Continue reading ›

Canberra Meeting – May 2005

May 2005

HTML and XML Tools

This meeting was a discussion of HTML and XML tools. View these documents for the links, plus a new link provided by Dick Walker for XML.

HTML Tools


This is a simple to use editor for HTML.… Continue reading ›

Canberra Meeting – May 2005

May 2005

XML Beginner to Intermediate

Tate introduced XML concepts, showing formats and discussing the syntax. A small example in Delphi was then demonstrated.

Frames – What not to do

Vincent showed us some traps for users of D7 and above in using frames, and demonstrated a way of overcoming the problems.… Continue reading ›