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For-in Enumeration

The “For in” style of enumeration in Delphi was introduced in Delphi 2005. The idea is to make enumeration over a collection of things easier and cleaner by removing the need for the iterator variable, removing the code for indexing and removing the code for boundary checking.… Continue reading ›

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Dances with XML

XML. It seems that most developers either love it or hate it. However you feel about it, XML is wide-spread enough that every Delphi developer is likely to reckon with it some time during their career.… Continue reading ›

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Rolling your own Dependency Injection, Part two

In Part 1 we covered the beginnings of rolling your own Dependency Injection framework as an alternative to using the Delphi Spring Framework. We discussed the patterns and objects involved and described using RTTI to perform the actual injection. Now we’ll look at an example of using DI to inject logging functionality into an object.… Continue reading ›

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Rolling your own Dependency Injection

What if you want to employ the Dependency Injection pattern in your application, but don’t want to use a third party framework for it?… Continue reading ›

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How to embed video into your source code

In this post, I will be showing how to embed publicly hosted video into your Delphi source code.… Continue reading ›

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