Welcome to the Australian Delphi User Group

The Australian Delphi User Group (ADUG) has been active in Melbourne since 1994, when Delphi was still in the beta test phase.

ADUG is an organisation dedicated to providing a forum for activities and information that promote and improve the use of Delphi and related products and services among its members and in the broader developer community.

Members come from a variety of backgrounds and environments offering a wide range of Delphi and other software and hardware skills. By joining ADUG, members not only enhance their Delphi knowledge, but also join a professional network offering information resources, knowledge exchange and the opportunity to make valuable contacts.


Meetings usually run for around two hours. Pizza and drinks are supplied at some meetings courtesy of CodeGear (part of Embarcadero Technologies). The usual format is general news/announcements, followed by one or more presentations, with a break for refuelling and conversation. The emphasis is on encouraging interaction between members at the meeting, so please bring along any questions, suggestions or ideas you would like to share.

We are always on the look out for interesting presentations so if you feel that you can contribute something in this form then please let us know. Our membership covers a wide range of experience so a presentation can be pitched at any level from beginner to expert.

We aim to send out programmes to the email list in the week before each meeting, so you can see what is coming up. Meeting programmes are also published on our web site:


Mailing list

The ADUG maintains an electronic forum to facilitate on-going communication between all members.

It is strongly recommended you visit https://forums.adug.org.au and add your email address to the forum get the best value from your membership.

If you are having a problem that is holding you up and you can’t find an answer in the Delphi documentation, post a message to the forum. Almost all ADUG members are on the forum so there is a good chance that somebody can help you. Please don’t hold back just because you think your question isn’t “advanced” enough. There are ADUG members at all levels, and there will always be somebody interested in your question. Remember that the mailing list means that you don’t need to wait for the next meeting to get help.

You may read about forum policy, etiquette and features’ here.

email addresses

To provide flexibility for members, the email addresses for the various email lists are distinct both from each other, and the membership DB.

Membership email:

You may update your membership email address here:
Cookies must be enabled. If you are logging in for the first time, or have forgotten your password, it can be emailed to you (at the email address recorded in the membership DB). See instructions on the above web page.

Mailing list email:

You may maintain your subscriptions to ADUG Forum here:

Web site

The ADUG also maintains a “world wide web” site to promote ADUG and its activities at:
The web site contains a wealth of information including downloadable freebies, links to useful sites, information and presentations from previous ADUG meetings and much more.

The constitution

The ADUG has a written constitution giving its purpose and rules. For a copy, please visit the ADUG web site at
or contact the ADUG Secretary at secretary@adug.org.au

The committee

Details are at https://www.adug.org.au/about-us/adug-organisers/

Please contact any of the committee members if you need more information, or if you have any suggestions.

Renewing your membership

Online renewal:

Current members may use the ADUG online events system to pay membership renewals by bankcard, visa, or mastercard.

Go to URL:

And follow the instructions.