Symposium 2024

Keeping code relevant as we look to future developments in an ever changing environment

17th May 2024
Melbourne, Australia and Online
Photo of Tim Young
Tim Young

Join Tim from Elevate Software for a tour of Elevate Web Builder and learn how to create both server and client apps quickly and simply.

Photo of Alister Christie
Alister Christie

Alister gives us a timely presentation on application security in Delphi, given the rising importance of security in so many aspects of life, particularly programming.

Photo of Mark Fletcher
Mark Fletcher

Learn how Mark has developed Delphi code over 25 years, enhancing and expanding its functionality to create a family of products for more than 20 industries and 3000 independent retailers in Australia.

Photo of Michael Philippenko
Michael Philippenko

Keep up with the latest in reporting tools, as Michael discusses changes in reporting standards and the latest tools and improvements in FastReports.

What is the ADUG Symposium?

ADUG Symposium is a day of learning, sharing and socialising run by ADUG Delphi users.

Typically, there are 4 presentations on a variety of topics of interest.  For many years, the symposium was held in two cities in Australia, on consecutive days.  COVID changed everything and now it is on one day in Melbourne and streamed online.

Topics can range from programming techniques, debugging, security, third party commercial and open source components and libraries to strategies for business and tools for making the life cycle of development reliable and smooth.

After the presentations, we have a prize draw where lucky attendees can win some fantastic prizes from our generous supporters.

Why not join us this year and participate in a friendly get together with like minded programmers.


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Every year (plus or minus a year for pandemics and disorganisation) we run a full day symposium. They typically have 4 or 5 presenters, and we try to get one “big name” international presenter. They are usually run in two cities – Melbourne plus another capital. Symposium also has the most amazing prize pool at the end. In recent years we have been able to secure more prizes than attendees. Guaranteed winners!!!


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