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Melbourne Meeting – March 2018

Monday 19th March.

Brian Watson, Geoffrey Smith and Andrea Coffey shared some tips and tricks with Delphi and the IDE…… Continue reading ›

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Perth Meetings – 2013


Delphi XE5 launch – Damien Bootsma

Embarcadeo Delphi XE5 launch event focused on Android and iOS support


Delphi IDE features – Lachlan Gemmel

A look at a huge number of IDE features. Many of them are not well known and a few hidden features.… Continue reading ›

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Extend search to form files

Recently I worked on a project with many forms and database components, where I had to change the references in the components itself.

The problem I had was to find and edit all the components which had a special keyword / reference in it!… Continue reading ›

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