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Sydney Meeting – January 2007

January 2007

Concurrency Handling in Win32 World – Craig Goodall

We will look at concurrency handling in Delphi Win32. How to detect changes made by another user since you selected your resultset and how to handle them efficiently. This solution is based on Firebird, IBX and “visual” inheritence on Datamodules.… Continue reading ›

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Sydney Meeting – September 2005

September 2005

ADUG Membership System – The Team

The team developing the new membership system wants to present its results so far. As we have moved to ECO recently we will discuss the class diagram and how ECO should help us to be more productive.… Continue reading ›

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Canberra Meeting – April 2004

April 2004

Using ECO in Delphi 8 – Dick Walker

Dick has provided a link to his slides and references. Download them from www.granitesolutions.com.au/adug.html… Continue reading ›

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