Brisbane Meeting – October 2019

Wednesday October 9th at 5:30pm to 9pm.

The Brisbane meeting is on at the usual* time and place. See you there 🙂

Pizza and drinks will be available at cost; keep change handy ($2/piece, $0.50/glass).

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Melbourne Meeting – October 2019

Monday 21st October 6:15pm.

At this meeting, Glen Kleidon presented his Arpy framework.

Arpy is a framework for creating secure web servers. It uses the same highly flexible, modern approach popularised in NodeJs and .Net Core, abstracting out the server complexity allowing the developer to focus on the business logic.

The meeting started with a “Public Soap Box” where attendees ask questions, share discoveries or talk about code.
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Perth Meeting – Sep 2019

Tuesday 17th September 2019 at 6pm for 6:15pm start

Delphi presentations and amazing pizza

  • Who TFramed Delphi Rabbit ? Frank Reynolds Did
  • Windows APIs
  • Open Mic / BYO Questions

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Melbourne Meeting – September 2019

Monday 16th September 6:15pm.

At this meeting, Brian Watson presented
a Practical Account of Using XML with Delphi.
– What happens when you thought you knew about XML but did not.

The meeting started with the ADUG Annual General Meeting.
Then a “Public Soap Box” where attendees ask questions, share discoveries or talk about code.
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Perth Meeting – Aug 2019

Tuesday 19th August at 6 for 6:15pm start

Four presentations and amazing pizza

  • REST server in kbmMW and other goodies – Kim Madsen
  • Who TFramed Delphi Rabbit ? Frank Reynolds Did
  • Looking back – How did we get here ?
  • Looking forward – Delphi 10.3.2 group discussion
  • Open Mic / BYO Questions

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Australian Delphi User Group Inc Annual General Meeting 2019

The Annual General Meeting of the
“Australian Delphi User Group Inc. No A0038181F”
(aka ADUG) will be held at 6:15 pm AEST on Monday 16 September 2019
at the Melbourne Men’s Shed
Adjacent to the Level 1 Car Park, Federation Square
Corner Flinders and Russell Streets, Melbourne

The ordinary business of the annual general meeting shall be:
(a) to confirm the minutes of the previous annual general meeting and of any special general meeting held since that meeting;
(b) to receive and consider –
(i) the annual report of the Committee on the activities of the Association during the preceding financial year; and
(ii) the financial statements of the Association for the preceding financial year submitted by the Committee in accordance with Part 7 of the Act;
(c) to elect the members of the Committee;

Current financial members of ADUG are eligible to vote and nominate for the Committee which comprises the officers of the Association:
National Secretary
and up to five Ordinary Committee Members.

Nominations of candidates for election to positions on the committee must be made in writing, specifying the position for which the candidate is nominated, signed by two members of the Association and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate (which may be endorsed on the form of nomination).

An eligible member of the Association may nominate themselves; or, with the member’s consent, be nominated by another member.

Nominations must be delivered to the President of the Association not less than 7 days before the date fixed for the holding of the Annual General Meeting, by email

If there is only one nomination for a position by the cut-off date that nominee will be deemed elected without a ballot. Any positions without nominations by the cut-off date will be open to nominations at the AGM.

A nomination form may be downloaded here:

If you wish to vote, but won’t be present at the AGM, you may submit a proxy as described in rule 34 of the ADUG rules.
Proxies need to be with the president by 5 pm on the day before the AGM. They may be lodged by email to or as hard copy.

Candidates are also welcome to advise the ADUG membership of their nomination and provide a brief statement of purpose to the ADUG members list

The Nominations received by the initial cutoff are as follows:

  • Geoffrey Smith – President (VIC)
  • Andrea Coffey – Vice President (VIC)
  • Frank Malcolm – Treasurer (NSW)
  • Scott Hollows – Ordinary Committee Member (WA)
  • Eivind Bakkestuen – Ordinary Committee Member (QLD)

The following positions are still available

  • National Secretary
  • 3 Ordinary Committee Members

As there are still open positions on the Committee nominations will still be accepted from the floor at the AGM.
I encourage any member who would like to make a contribution to the group, to nominate for the Committee.

The Rules of the ADUG are available on the web site:

Documents for the AGM

Geoffrey Smith
The AGM will be followed by a normal Melbourne meeting.

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Melbourne Meeting – August 2019

Monday 19th August 6:15pm.

At this meeting, Lachlan Gemmell gave a remote presentation on Anonymous Methods.

He showed the syntax for method references, which is required to Read more ›

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