Melbourne Meeting – June 2018

Monday 18th June.

Continuing our Multi Threading theme from last month, Jarrod Hollingworth presented a master-class in advanced threading:

Topics included:
– Demonstrate the new Delphi parallel library (parallel for loop, tasks run in thread pool, joins and futures)
– Thread safety (expanding on what was shown with critical sections, mutex/semaphore, TEvent, interlocked increment, etc)
– Tips, techniques, issues (stopping a thread, more on interacting with the main thread, debugging)
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Brisbane Meeting – June 2018

Wednesday June 6th at 6pm to Late.

Note! There will be an ADUG Brisbane meeting Wednesday June 6th as
scheduled. However, it will *not* take place at the usual venue.

Because it coincides with the first State of Origin game, the meeting will
be held at my place (southside, Forest Lake area). High quality projection,
beer fridges (yes, plural) and pizza will be available.

Meeting start from 6pm, arrival any time before 8pm kick-off accepted.

There will be light Delphi related entertainment prior to 8pm to satisfy
ADUG meeting requirements. After 8pm, there will be cheering.

Please RSVP to me by latest Monday, to plan for the event and receive
location info.

Go the Maroons!!! 🙂

Eivind Bakkestuen

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A big Thank You to our sponsors

The ADUG Symposium was recently held in Perth and Melbourne, gathering Delphi developers from all over Australia for a full day of presentations and networking.

On behalf of the ADUG Committee I would like to thank our principal sponsor:

The Continuity Group

And our co-sponsors:

Applying Code

Fast Report

Raize Software

TMS Software

Elevate Software

Help and Manual

We could not arrange such a high quality event without your contribution. Well done!

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Melbourne Meeting – May 2018

Monday 21st May.

John McDonald and Brian Watson gave a presentation on MultiThreading in Delphi.

John discussed the use of TThread for multithreading and the issues that have to be handled in multi-threaded applications. He showed a small program that illustrated the use of TThread.Queue and anonymous methods to communicate back to the main thread. He then showed code that uses a TThread to run a simulation and update a TBitMap.Canvas to give a continuous animation of the simulation. This code used CriticalSections to synchronise access to shared state.

Brian will showed a current project that uses OmniThread Library (Developed by Primož Gabrijelčič) to create a REST Client connecting to a cloud database that is running inside a Windows CAD application.

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Melbourne Meeting – April 2018

Monday 16th April.

Robert Horbury-Smith introduced us to the Mormot (usually written as mORMot to emphasize the Object Relational Model aspect of the product).

… we saw how a fairly simple ORM based server using a database can be used to host “client” interfaces over REST and HTTP for both browser based (a la JavaScript) and VCL Front Ends from an n-Tier “Server” application using JSON …

… mORMot is a highly scalable, light footprint solution that deserves much more attention than it gets. With the continued drift away from desktop centric applications, this library is worth a good look … Read more ›

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2018 ADUG Symposium

2018 Symposium Event Update

The Australian Delphi Users Group are hosting the 2018 ADUG Symposium in May

  • Perth – Wednesday 23rd May 2018
  • Melbourne – Friday 25th May 2018

Click here for Full Details and Registration


  • Herman Schoenfeld – Sphere 10 Software PascalCoin – Infinitely Scalable Cryptocurrency
  • Dave Nottage – Hard Won Battle Scars from Mobile App Development
  • Peter Thönell – OO in Delphi From the ground up. An in depth look behind the scenes at Delphi objects
  • Vincent Parrett – Software Licensing for Delphi


Thank you to our sponsors.  We could not hold this event without the support of these organizations.

Principal Sponsor The Continuity Group


Fast Reports Raize Software

Click here for Full Details and Registration

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Melbourne Meeting – March 2018

Monday 19th March.

Brian Watson, Geoffrey Smith and Andrea Coffey shared some tips and tricks with Delphi and the IDE…
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