Australian Delphi User Group 2018 Symposium

The 2018 ADUG Symposium will be held in Perth on Wed 23rd May and Melbourne on 25th May.

The annual conference is the highlight of the Australian Delphi year.  It is filled with top quality presentations and an audience of Delphi enthusiasts like yourself.

The content will be the repeated in each city so you can take your pick of locations.

Registrations include lunch, end of day refreshments and a guaranteed prize in the massive prize draw

Catch up with colleagues and hear about the latest news from the Delphi World. We hope you can make it.

Key Dates

        Thursday 3rd March Early Bird Registration opens
Saturday 21st April Early bird registration closes
Monday 15th May Final date for registrations
Wednesday 23nd May Perth Symposium
Friday 25th May Melbourne Symposium

Massive Prize Draw

You will be entered into the end-of-day prize draw of Delphi related software, which is the largest of its kind in the world.  It is expected to be valued around $40,000 this year.  Every attendee is guarenteed a prize.  Conditions apply,  see below for more details


Speakers and content are subject to change


  Malcolm Groves – Code Partners
A Practical Introduction to DockerMalcolm has presented at Symposiums over 20+ years and we are pleased to have him back again as one of our most popular speakers.The technology industry jumps from one shiny object to the next almost faster than you can keep up. One of the shiniest of the current batch are Docker Containers. Despite the hype, there is a lot of value in containers, but it’s often hard to see amongst the buzzwords. In this session, Malcolm will take you through the basics of what they are and how they work, through to how you can use them to improve both the development and deployment of your RAD Studio applications.
  Herman Schoenfeld – Sphere 10 Software / PascalCoin

Cryptocurrencies are the most exciting topic of the year so this presentation will be of keen interest to many attendees.

Pascal Coin is a crypto currency developed in Object Pascal.  It’s market cap has reached USD $50 million by incorporating attention grabbing features:

  • Fast !
    PascalCoin is first Alt-coin designed to work without a historical operations requirement, yet is still able to control double spending or check balance.
  • Robust and clutter free – The Pascal Coin blockchain can be deleted at anytime, and Pascal Coin will continue working perfectly, without the problem of double spending.
  • Easy – PascalCoin is easy to understand and easy to work with because it is similar to a bank. It has “easy to remember” accounts instead of cryptographic wallet address’s

This presentation will be a look behind the scenes at Pascal Coin from Herman Schoenfeld who is deeply involved in the project.

This will be an advanced presentation that assumes you have a basic knowledge of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in general.  To assist you with getting up to speed with that, ADUG will make a brief introductory video available to you to watch prior to the event

   Vincent Parrett – Software Licensing

We’ll discuss the technicalities around license key generation, enabling features, avoiding keygen’s, network licensing (ie stopping the buy 1 use 10 problem), basically the licensing scheme we use in our products. I will cover the differences between licensing and copy protection, and the need to keep them separate. We’ll look at activation, pros/con’s etc, subscriptions v perpetual licenses.


Peter Thönell – OO in Delphi From the ground up

When we learn OO we are taught how to design, write and use OO. But we’re not taught how it works behind the scenes.This is an in depth look at how Delphi makes objects, inheritance, polymorphism and interfaces work at a memory (“byte”) level.With this knowledge we dispel “Delphi Magic”, which aids us in properly understanding bugs, limitations and related technologies (such as AOP and RTTI). SCOTT NOTE – This is the same presentation as the 2017 one that had to be cancelled due to surgery at late notice. Peter has since recovered and is available to travel and present

Dave Nottage –  Mobile App Development: Hard Won Battle Scars

Delphi is a great tool for rapidly developing mobile applications.  There are a number of battles that you need to win in order to survive the war of the app stores. This session sets out to help you to win them, and more..
* Meeting store requirements
* Creating an arsenal of icons and splash screens
* Device display strategies
* Battle of the startup time
* Playing nice with permissions
* Delegating tasks
* Threads and synchronizing
* Winning with networking
* Improving your debugging armory
* Forming an allegiance with the user


ADUG wishes to acknowledge the assistance of the following companies whose sponsorship helps to make our Symposium possible.

Principal Sponsor

The Continuity Group



When and Where



Wednesday, 23rd May 2018

The Rise
28 Eighth Ave
Maylands WA 6051

Friday, 25th May 2018

La Trobe University
John Scott Room

Free parking at the venue and local streets



Parking available on campus – fees apply
La Trobe location map:
Parking (pdf): La Trobe Car ParkingThis map shows the building and paid parking areas.


Break times will be determined closer to the event.

8:00 Registration
8:45 Introduction and Welcome
9:00 Presentations
TBD Break
12:00 Lunch
12:45 Presentations
TBD Break
TBD Presentations
5:00pm   Prize Draw and Refreshments
6:00pm   Close


Non – Members Price

Non member $280 or $265 if registered in the Early Bird period before 21st April

Non members are able to both register and join the ADUG for the same price, so you get your membership for free !

ADUG Members Price

Years of membership Early Bird Pricing
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Late Entry Pricing
(After April 21st)
less than 1 $165 $190
between 1 and 2 $145 $170
between 2 and 3 $130 $155
between 3 and 4 $115 $140
4 + years $100 $125

Non-Member Student Pricing

Students can attend the event at a heavily discounted price
Information will be posted here shortly.

Enquiries – contact


Perth 23-May-2018 Members Register in Members Services  Non-Members Register
Melbourne 25-May-2018 Members Register in Members Services  Non-Members Register

You must be a financial member paid-up to the symposium date in order to register as a member – if the registration button does not appear check the “Paid to” date under “Your profile”, which appears when you first log into Member Services.

Alterations or refunds due to mis-registrations are at the discretion of the ADUG Treasurer – an over-worked and under-appreciated volunteer 

Symposium Prizes

ADUG wishes to acknowledge these friends of the ADUG for supporting us with donations of valuable products.
The prize draw is the final event of the day, held immediately after the last presentation, and operates like so:

  procedure ADUGPrizePicker;
    while PrizesAvailable do
      if AttendeeListEmpty then PopulateListOfAllAttendees;
      while WaitingForPrizeSelection do
        if WinnerTakingTooLong then StirWinner;
      if WinnerTookFarTooLong then AllocateRandomPrize;

Draw rules:

  • Only attendees who have registered and paid before the symposium date are eligible for the prize draw.
  • The organisers will make their best efforts to conduct the prize draw in an unbiased and fair manner, and inform all winners of their prize, however no responsibility is taken.
  • Attendees are encouraged to remain for the duration of the prize draw to ensure their claim on any prizes.
  • Attendees un-avoidably unable to remain for the prize draw (e.g. due to flight times) may arrange a proxy:
    • Proxies voters must be arranged prior to the commencement of the prize draw.
    • A proxy may either be the ADUG President, or another attendee.
    • Proxies provided to the President must be in writing and consist of no more than three prize selections.
    • Non-president proxies must be disclosed to the President before the prize draw.
    • If none of the prizes nominated in the proxy are available a random prize will be selected.

Prizes notes:

  • The prizes from each vendor will be divided between the two venues proportionate with the number of attendees. Therefore not all prizes may be available at both venues.
  • Pricing is approximate and has been adjusted for international exchange rates.
    (1.00 AUD = 0.76 USD, 1.00 AUD = 0.72 EUR)
    see relevant product website for more details
  • AUD$ pricing excludes GST
  • Prizes are provided at the discretion of the sponsor.
    ADUG will not be liable for any discrepancies between the prize description here and the prize provided by the sponsor.

For your convenience in selecting your preferred prize before the prize draw, below are links to venue specific prize lists in both Excel spreadsheet and pdf formats. Most prizes are available at both venues, though not all in the same quantity. For the smooth flowing of the prize draw – especially important for those with flights to catch – it is strongly recommended that you have your prize selection ready before the prize draw – dawdlers will be subject to being RPAB’ed (Random Prize Allocation Button)

Good luck!


The prize list for the last event in 2017 was valued at $40,000+
We expect a similar sized draw this year.

The prizes will be listed here shortly

Company Prize description Quantity Usual cost
(per, approx. $AUD)
Total prize value
(approx. $AUD)

Terms and Conditions

ADUG is a not for profit voluntary organisation run for the benefit of its members and to promote Delphi.
While the members of the organisation will always strive to fulfil the published details of their events they reserve the right to change details such as venue, content and presenters if necessary.
Refunds will not be provided for cancellations and overpayments.

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