Australian Delphi User Group 2017 Symposium

The 2017 ADUG Symposium will be held in Brisbane and Melbourne on the 18th/19th May 2017.


Marco Cantu Marco Cantu will be our keynote speaker.
Marco is the RAD Product Manager at Embarcadero and author of numerous Delphi books.Marco will present on two topics

1) – Deep dive into the latest changes of the Object Pascal language looking at recent and little known features and their effect
In this session Marco will focus on modern use of the Delphi compilers, highlighting some of the strengths of the Object Pascal language, its support for multiple platforms (and what to consider in that respect). From recent little known features of the Delphi language to advanced use of modern Object Pascal, and with some focus on memory management, the session will also do a roundup of the supported platforms and touch on plans for the future.

2) – Windows 10: From WinRT to Windows Desktop Bridge.
The Windows operating system is changing and Windows 10 is seeing a significant adoption. In this sessions we’ll see how Delphi supports Windows 10, from the UI of new VCL controls to low-level WinRT integration and new native platform controls. Marco will also focus on the ability to deploy Delphi applications to the Windows 10 store using the Windows Desktop Bridge, delving into the mechanics of how the “Centennial” bridge works.
Malcolm Groves from Code Partners has presented at many Symposium and we are pleased to have him back again.
In additional to his main presentation, Malcolm will also provide an update on the Australian Delphi market

  • Continuous Integration for RAD Studio Projects

You’ve possibly heard the stories about how Amazon are releasing code into production every 11.6 seconds,. There are similar stories about Google and Facebook. How they’re doing it is using Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD).

That’s all fine for hipsters working on web projects, but even if you don’t need to release to production that often, CI and CD still have a lot of benefits to give to “normal” projects, with stats like 40% reduction in overall development costs and 140% increase in projects being worked on with the same set of resources, being reported.

In this practical session Malcolm will take you through what CI/CD are, and how to get started with them on your existing RAD Studio projects using open source software. You’ll see how to dramatically shorten the time between writing code and knowing that it integrates nicely with the rest of the project, how to always be ready to deliver working, tested software to your customers, and how to free up your own resources to spend more time writing interesting code and less time mucking around with deployment issues.


Glen Kleidon
Modernising your Delphi Development Workflows

Glen will cover an Introduction to Project Bundling leveraging Distributed Version Control (GIT / Mercurial) to eliminate “Component Hell”
Peter Thönell
OO in Delphi – From the ground upWhen we learn OO we are taught how to design, write and use OO.  But we’re not taught how it works behind the scenes.This is an in depth look at how Delphi makes objects, inheritance, polymorphism and interfaces work at a memory (“byte”) level.With this knowledge we dispel “Delphi Magic”, which aids us in properly understanding bugs, limitations and related technologies (such as AOP and RTTI).

Since graduating in 1996 with a B.Sc. in CS and IT, Peter Thönell has worked in Australia, Sweden and Taiwan, specialising in business analysis and OO, particularly in Delphi but also using C# and Java.


Additional speakers and topics are in the process of being finalised and will be provided here, and announced on the ADUG Member’s list, as they are confirmed.

As past attendees will certify, its guaranteed to be a great day regardless of the speakers and topics. Catch up with colleagues and hear about the latest news from the Delphi World. We hope you can make it.

Your registration fee includes all refreshments, including lunch and end of day refreshments, and entry into the end-of-day prize draw.

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ADUG wishes to acknowledge the assistance of the following companies whose sponsorship helps to make our Symposium possible:

Principal Sponsor


 Raize Software The Continuity Group Parnassus
  Atozed Software


When and Where

Please note the reverse order of the cities from the traditional – the 2017 symposium occurs in Melbourne on the Friday.



Thursday, 18th May 2017 Friday, 19th May 2017
Sunnybank Community & Sports Club
470 McCullough Street, Sunnybank
Jade Room (at rear of Terrace Restaurant)
La Trobe University
MJ Osborne Centre Institute of Advanced Studies Seminar Hall
(Building NR8)
Parking available behind club
(Refer link above)
Parking available on campus – fees apply
La Trobe location map:
Building NR8 at grid reference H2 here
Parking (pdf): La Trobe Car ParkingThis map shows the building
and paid parking areas.
Click to zoom
Melbourne 2016 Symposium Map showing the building NR8 and paid parking areas


Schedule is subject to change

8:30-8:45 Registration
8:45-9:00 Introduction and Welcome
9:00-10:30 Windows 10: From WinRT to Windows Desktop Bridge – Marco Cantu
10:30–11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:45 Topic to be confirmed
12:45-1:45 Lunch
1:45-2:15 Australian Market Update
2:15-3:15 Deep dive into the latest changes of the Object Pascal language, going after recent little known features and their effect – Marco Cantu
3:15-4:15 Coffee Break
4:15-5:30 Topic to be confirmed
5:30-6:30 Closing session and prize draw 
Prize presentation and a chance to wind down and chat over refreshments. We always have a huge list of prizes and most years everyone goes home with something.


Register before Friday 21st April for Early Bird Pricing, and save $25.

The final date for registrations is – Brisbane: Monday 15th May, Melbourne: Tuesday 16th May.

Non – Member

Non member price for the day is $270, or $255 if registered before 21st April.

Non members are able to both register and join the ADUG for the one price.

ADUG Members


Years of membership Early Bird Pricing (Before April 21st) Late Entry Pricing (After April 21st)
less than 1 $155 $180
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Alterations or refunds due to mis-registrations will be solely at the discretion of the ADUG Treasurer – an over-worked, under-appreciated volunteer 

Registrations are now open

Brisbane – Thursday, May 18th 2017 Melbourne – Friday, May 19th 2017
Brisbane 18th May 2017 (Non-Members) Melbourne 19th May 2017 (Non-Members)
Brisbane 18th May 2017 (ADUG Members) Melbourne 19th May 2017 (ADUG Members)

Symposium Prizes

The ADUG wishes to acknowledge these friends of the ADUG for supporting us with donations of valuable products.
The prize draw is the final event of the day, held immediately after the last presentation, and operates like so:

  procedure ADUGPrizePicker;
    while PrizesAvailable do
      if AttendeeListEmpty then PopulateListOfAllAttendees;
      while WaitingForPrizeSelection do
        if WinnerTakingTooLong then StirWinner;
      if WinnerTookFarTooLong then AllocateRandomPrize;

Draw rules:

  • Only attendees who have pre-registered and paid before the symposium date are eligible for the prize draw.
  • The organisers will make their best efforts to conduct the prize draw in an unbiased and fair manner, and inform all winners of their prize, however no responsibility is taken.
  • All attendees are encouraged to remain for the duration of the prize draw to ensure their claim on any prizes.
  • Attendees un-avoidably unable to remain for the prize draw (e.g. due to flight times) may arrange a proxy:
    • All proxies must be arranged prior to the commencement of the prize draw.
    • A proxy may either be the ADUG President, or another attendee.
    • Proxies provided to the President must be in writing and consist of no more than three prize selections.
    • Non-president proxies must be disclosed to the President before the prize draw.
    • If none of the prizes nominated in the proxy are available a random prize will be selected.

Prizes notes:

  • The prizes from each vendor will be divided between the two venues proportionate with the number of attendees. Therefore not all prizes may be available at both venues.
  • Pricing is approximate, see relevant product website for more details
  • AUD$ pricing excludes GST and was determined at the following exchange rates (where applicable): 1.00 AUD = 0.76 USD, 1.00 AUD = 0.72 EUR
  • All prizes are provided at the sole discretion of the sponsor. ADUG will not be liable for any discrepancies between the prize description here and the prize provided by the sponsor.

For your convenience in selecting your preferred prize(s) before the prize draw, below are links to venue specific prize lists in both Excel spreadsheet and pdf formats. Note that not all prizes are available at both venues. For the smooth flowing of the prize draw – especially important for those with flights to catch – it is strongly recommended that you have your prize selection(s) ready before the prize draw – dawdlers will be held to account!

Brisbane prize list – spreadsheet (to be provided)   Brisbane prize list – pdf (to be provided)

Melbourne prize list – spreadsheet (to be provided)  Melbourne prize list – pdf (to be provided)

Good luck!

Company Prize description Quantity Usual cost
(per, approx. $AUD)
Total prize value
(approx. $AUD)
 Addictive Software Addict 4 Professional
Addict 4 is a professional native VCL component suite that provides end-to-end solutions for adding spelling check and thesaurus support to your applications.
With Addict, developers can easily add:

  • A first-class spelling checker capable of checking nearly any control available.
  • Live-spelling (wavy red underlining of misspelled words) to Edit controls, Memo controls, RichEdit controls and many 3rd party controls.
  • Automatic thesaurus lookup and word replacement to add contextual thesaurus support to your applications.
  • Complete text parsing, dictionary, suggestion, auto-correction and thesaurus APIs for integration into nearly any application.
 2  $393  $796
Applying Code Petra
Petra converts Sketch drawings into Delphi (and Oxygene) drawing code.
The generated drawing code can use the underlying 2D API or FireMonkey.
Petra can generate code for iOS, macOS and Android, in addition to Windows (through FMX).
2 $39 $78
Bergsoft VCL Components or .NET Controls
Winners choice of either:

  • Next Suite Extended, consisting of the following VCL Components:
    • Next Grid 6: Fast, modern and easy to use Delphi (VCL) grid component
    • Next DBGrid 6: Fast, modern and easy to use Delphi (VCL) DB grid component
    • Next Inspector 6: Modern Object Inspector component with many new innovative item types
    • Next Collection 6: Set of dozens handy, attractive and highly customisable VCL components
    • Next Editors 6: Set of handy stand-alone edit controls.
  • Next Suite >NET with source, consisting of the following .NET controls:
    • Next Grid .NET: Fast, modern and easy to use .NET (WinForms) Grid component
    • Next Collection .NET: Set of handy, attractive and highly customisable .NET components
10 $249 $2,490
Code Healer Group Code Healer
CodeHealer is an efficient and powerful source code analysis and verification tool that will help find and fix a significant number of programming bugs, mistakes and inconsistencies in Delphi programs before they are released.
The information provided by CodeHealer will also help developers understand and improve existing code that they have not written.
CodeHealer is easy to learn and use, and has been designed to provide immediate benefits with a minimum of user effort and input.
2 $354 $708
 EC Software Help+Manual 7 Professional
Help+Manual is a documentation tool and content management system for both single and multi-author editing.
All publishing formats supported by Help+Manual are generated from the same project. This means you only have to edit your help and documentation once. Forget about the nightmare of “converting” your documentation every time you change anything.
Help+Manual publishes all standard Windows help formats, from HTML Help to Webhelp to Visual Studio Help. It also generates Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word documents and ePUB e-books – the standard format supported by the Apple iPad – as well as Amazon Kindle.
 2  $787  $1,574
ESB Consultancy ESBPCS for VCL

ESBPCS for VCL (ESB Professional Computation Suite provides a huge collection of Routines and Components to make Data Entry and Manipulation easier for both Developers and their end-users.

This is a collection of over 6000 routines/methods and over 235 classes/components in over 140 units for Embarcadero (formerly CodeGear / Borland) Delphi and C++ which are aimed at making “data entry & manipulation easier” for Developers and their Customers.

Components included cover Integer Edits, Float Edits, Hex Edits, IP Address Edits, Percentage Edits, Date Edits, Time Edits, Date/Time Edits, Month Edits, Time Edits, Complex Edits, Fraction Edits, Currency Edits, Calculator Edits, Calendar Edits, Button Edits, Degree/Minute/Second Edits, Comboboxes, Month Comboboxes, Day of Week Comboboxes, Time Zone Comboboxes, Country Comboboxes, Duration Comboboxes, SpinEdits, Month SpinEdit, DOW SpinEdits, Duration SpinEdits, Currency SpinEdits, Vector Edits, Matrix Edits, Calculators, Calendars, Statistical Analysis, Labels, URL Labels, Math Labels, CheckBoxes, RadioGroups, CheckGroups, Memos, RichEdits and much more. As well, there are Data Aware versions of most of them.

Routines included cover Mathematics, Probability, Statistics, Complex Numbers, Fractions, Physics, Geometry, Astronomy, Longitude/Latitude, Unit Conversions, Strings, File IO, Registry, Financials, Country Lists, Holidays, Time Zones, Dates and Times, and much more.

 2  $262  $524
ESB Consultancy ESBUnitConv Pro

ESBUnitConv Pro is an Enhanced user-friendly Windows Utility to easily convert between units of measurement.

Includes Units for Temperature, Distance, Mass, Area, Volume, Pressure, Velocity, Acceleration, Force, Energy, Power, Fuel Consumption, Flow, Torque, Angles, Time, Illumination, Luminous Intensity, Luminance, Luminous Flux, Density, Angular Velocity, Angular Acceleration, Computer Storage, Data Rates, Dynamic Viscosity, Kinematic Viscosity, Electric Charge, Electric Current, Magnetic Flux, Magnetic Flux Density, Quantities, Radiation Absorption, Radiation Dose, Radioactivity and Thermal Conductivity.

Includes the ability to log conversions, print, improved clipboard support, integrated help and much more. Also support for Exponential Notation in conversions and in the pop-up calculator. Special support included for SI Units, American Wire Gauge Table, Circle Calculations and Sphere Calculations.

 2  $25  $50
Gnostice XtremeDocumentStudio Delphi
Gnostice XtremeDocumentStudio Delphi is the next-generation multi-format document-processing component suite for Delphi/C++Builder.
XtremeDocumentStudio includes VCL components for viewing, printing, and converting PDF, DOCX, DOC, RTF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, WMF, EMF, and single-page and multi-page TIFF. It also has report-export components for ACE Reporter, FastReport, QuickReport and ReportBuilder components that can export to PDF, PDF/A, XLSX, RTF, HTML, XHTML, TXT, SVG, PNG, JPEG and GIF formats. PDF/A support includes compliance with PDF/A 1b, 2b, and 3b versions. PDF/A-3b support complies with ZUGFeRD electronic invoicing standard. In future, creation and editing support will be added.
XtremeDocumentStudio also includes FireMonkey support. Its FireMonkey document viewer can display PDF, DOCX, DOC, RTF and images on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms.
 2  $789  $1,578
LMD Innovative LMD VCL Complete
LMD VCL Complete includes all current LMD Innovative VCL(.NET) main products including all standalone packs.

  • Over 740 native components
  • Full sourcecode
  • Includes all features of
    • LMD-Tools
    • LMD-ElPack
    • LMD IDE-Tools
    • NG Complete
  • Extensive demo projects.
2 $485 $970
 Mitov Software Complete set of VCL and Firemonkey components

2  $1,841  $3,682
 Mitov Software Mitov Runtime licence with source code

Cross platform collection of tools, including:

  • Advanced RTTI
  • Containers – Linked List, Array List, Dictionary
  • Automatic class management
  • Elements – Tuples, MultiProc, SmartPointer, Delegation
  • Threading
  • OpenCL
  • Serialization
  • Reflection
  • Mixed Persistent Collections
  • Component development framework
  • Advanced Design Time API
20  $51  $1,020
NexusDB NexusDB Professional Edition
The NexusDB Professional Edition product is the most advanced SKU level of the NexusDB database products. It includes everything in the Standard Edition, and adds a number of highly secure industry standard data encryption engines. The Professional Edition is delivered with full source code. The Enterprise Manager and nxServer binaries downloaded via the installers already have the appropriate encryption engines compiled in. The engines extend the list of available encryption engines in NexusDB, thus making integration and maintenance of the security pack into existing systems very simple.
2 $1,150 $2,300
/n software Eldos SecureBlackbox Professional Delphi Edition
Implement comprehensive cryptography, security and protected file transfer functionality with ready-made native Delphi components, complete with source code.
Whether you are looking for data encryption, document signing or network transfer, SecureBlackbox has a component to accomplish your task. SecureBlackbox assembles a range of highly integrated Delphi components into an all-in-one security package. All components are native Delphi, have no third-party binaries or references, and no reliance on Windows CryptoAPI. The included security components implement a wide range of application-level protocols, cryptographic and security algorithms and standards. SecureBlackbox allows developing Windows, MacOS and Linux applications implementing secure file transfers, encryption, secure signing, timestamping and validation functionality, secure shell operations, certificate management and Public Key Infrastructure operations.
2 $2,261 $4,522
/n software IP*Works! Delphi Edition
IP*Works! is a comprehensive framework for Internet development.
IP*Works! eliminates the complexity of Internet development, providing programmable, SSL-enabled components that facilitate tasks such as ensuring security, sending email, transferring files, managing networks, browsing the Web, consuming Web Services, etc. Detailed documentation, hundreds of sample applications, fully indexed help files, royalty-free licensing, and more.
The Delphi Edition provides native Delphi VCLs for Embarcadero Delphi with no external dependencies.
2 $1,314 $2,628
/n software IP*Works! C++ Builder Edition
IP*Works! is a comprehensive framework for Internet development.
IP*Works! eliminates the complexity of Internet development, providing programmable, SSL-enabled components that facilitate tasks such as ensuring security, sending email, transferring files, managing networks, browsing the Web, consuming Web Services, etc. Detailed documentation, hundreds of sample applications, fully indexed help files, royalty-free licensing, and more.
The C++ Builder Edition provides native Embarcadero C++ Builder VCLs, written in C++ and compiled with the C++ Builder compiler for blazing performance.
2 $2,104 $4,208
 ProDelphi ProDelphi
ProDelphi is a tool to measure the runtime of programs written in Delphi Object Pascal.
For 32 bit applications developed with Delphi 5..7, 2005..2010, XE..XE8, 10 and 10.1 (Berlin).
The principle of source instrumenting, the sophisticated measurement correction algorithm and the granularity of 1 CPU-cycle guarantee an outstanding measurement accuracy. Even very small or multiple nested functions are measured precisely. After profiling with ProDelphi you know where the bottle neck is, not where it might be.
Source instrumenting also ensures that idle times caused by certain Delphi- or Windows- API-functions (e.g. Sleep, MessageBox, WaitForSingleObject etc.) are automatically excluded from measurement.
The extremly low measurement overhead guarantees even to measure time critical applications.
 2  $69  $138
 ProDelphi ProDelphi64
ProDelphi profiler for 64 bit applications developed with Delphi XE2, Xe8, 10 and 10.1 (Berlin).
Refer ProDelphi above.
 2  $104  $208
Raize Software CodeSite Studio
CodeSite takes application logging and debugging to a new level by focusing on developer productivity, usability, logging capabilities, and deployment.
The CodeSite Logging System gives developers deeper insight into how their code is executing.
CodeSite’s logging classes let developers capture all kinds of information while their code executes and then send that information to a live display or a log file, locally or remotely.
2 $525 $1,050
Scalabium Software SMExport
The native Delphi components in this suite provide fast and direct data export into MS Excel, XML, HTML, SPSS, PDF and other formats from a DBGrid, Dataset or any VCL control!
SMExport suite 4.99 is a set of component that export data from TDataSet or TDBGrid or any other VCL control (such as TStringGrid, TListView and so on) into such formats as Paradox (if using the BDE) and DBase tables or into a text file (fixed or comma-delimited), HTML, XML, MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, MS Access, SQL-script, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro, SYLK, DIF, LDAP DIF and other formats.
 2  $69  $138
 Scalabium Software SMImport
The native Delphi components provide fast and direct importing of data from MS Excel/XML/HTML/DBF/Open Office/Paradox files directly without use of any external libraries!
SMImport suite 2.92 is a set of components that can import data into TDataSet (any descendant) from a variety of different file formats.
Most components support both loading from file and streams so you may load from memory/blob/cgi streams and/or in multi-tier environments.

The SMImport suite also contains a user-friendly wizard, the TSMIWizardDlg component, which is a self-contained wizard which guides end users in the importing of any data at run-time via a user-friendly interface to assist with load parameter settings.
 2  $69 $138
 Scalabium Software SMMsg
SMMsg suite allow you to read/parse the files created by MS Outlook and any other mailer program.
You may read the message with all mail information (subject, body, recipients, attachments etc), contact, note, task, appointment, journal, post item.
 2  $69 $138
Steema Software TeeChart Pro VCL/FMX
TeeChart Pro charting component library offers hundreds of Graph styles in 2D and 3D for data visualization, 56 mathematical, statistical and financial Functions for you to choose from together with an unlimited number of axes and 30 Palette components.
 4  $630 $2,520
 Woll2Woll Software FirePower 7.0 for RAD Studio
Data-aware component suite for Win32, Win64, Mac (OSX32), Android and iOS (32 & 64 bit).

  • Powerful, fast, efficient and flexible grid controls
  • Versatile layout grid
  • Powerful, fast and efficient list boxes
  • Dynamically created data-entry forms
  • Advanced lookup combo and lookup dialog controls
  • + more
 2 $459  $918
All 74 $32,366

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