Austrailian Delphi Users Group

Annual General Meeting Agenda

21st September 2009

At the Royal Society of Victoria,

8 La Trobe Street Melbourne



Meeting Time: 6:15 pm


Acceptance of Previous Minutes

Minutes are available at


Officers' Reports

President: Glenn Crouch That report is available at

Membership Report: A report on the membership by state. That report is available at

Treasurer: Mathias Burbach - Financial report. That report is available at



Election of Committee


The secretary has received nominations for the following positions 7 days prior to the meeting



Glenn Crouch


Mathias Burbach


Roger Connell


Susan King


Ordinary Committee Members

Adam Webb
Alex Fekken
Peter Sanders
Craig Goodall

Andrea Coffey


The number of candidates nominated matches the number of positions available.

Other Business



Meeting Close

The AGM will be followed by the local Melbourne meeting.