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XE3 Pro EULA changes and MVPs

So I was made an Embarcadero MVP about two weeks ago, an achievement I’m quite proud of. It was, I believe, largely for my work on the TIndex and my off-line ADUG activities more so than my blog entries here.

Meanwhile everyone’s favourite grumpy old uncle (well he reminds me of a grumpy old uncle anyway) has made a few comments here and there about the impartiality of the new MVPs.… Continue reading ›

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Highlights of the Sydney XE3 event

So I live G+ed my way through the whole Sydney ADUG event. Quite tiring really, trying to focus on what was being said and simultaneously summarise it for 4 hours.

Here’s a few of my highs and lows of the morning.… Continue reading ›

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NakeyMonkey – Native OS controls for FireMonkey – Interview with Jason Southwell

Jason Southwell of Arcana @ Sivv makers of the ApeSuite for FireMonkey and EliteSuite for IntraWeb plus several other interesting projects has started a KickStarter project called NakeyMonkey to fund the development of a suite of FireMonkey controls that wrap the native Windows and OSX controls.… Continue reading ›

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