Monday 23 February 2004

Singleton Pattern – Anthony Richardson

Introduction to Design Patterns, what they are, there purpose and where to use them. Review of the Singleton pattern and discuss to different implementations of the Singelton pattern in Delphi.

Presentation 2: Managing Images and Image Lists – Daniel Carr

Managing the many images used by an application can be difficult, especially when the same image is used in many locations.… Continue reading ›

December Graeme Grieve: Porting Indy to .NET.

November Bryan Dayton: Tricks With TEdit
Committee members: Programming competition results followed by general discussion

The Competition Requirements and Results can be found here Sub String Searching – Competition Rules’ And Sub String Searching – Results’

October Don MacRae: A presentation on one way to do Properties dialogs followed by discussion and synthesis of all points of view

September Annual AGM followed by Peter Hinrichsen and Ian Krigsman: TechInsite Object Persistence Framework.… Continue reading ›

December 1st 2003

Paperclips Everywhere – Darren Ferguson

Mention the words MS-Office and paperclip together in the same sentence and most people will assume the foetal position and gently rock back and forward while muttering, “I’m not writing a letter…I’m not writing a letter”.… Continue reading ›